In the Studio with MJ Seminar


"Brad's seminars offer a fascinating, eye (and ear)-opening experience, in which genuine insights about Michael Jackson as an artist, a person and a friend, are revealed. I thoroughly enjoyed the warm, conversational approach and the deep well of materials. There were several goosebump moments. Brad puts you right there, inside the studio in those eras, and shows how the magic was made. I couldn't recommend it more to both fans of Jackson and anyone who cares about music." 

-Joseph Vogel, Author of Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson

Immerse Yourself in Recording Studio Magic


Experience Michael Jackson in the recording studio, at the very heart of his creative process. In this incredible multimedia journey, you'll learn, see and hear things that will astonish you.

You'll hear music and behind-the-scenes stories. You'll see video and photographs. You'll learn how Michael interacted with his team and how they combined focus and discipline with creativity, fun, and food.

Learn how Michael wrote songs, and how they progressed from the original demo to the album version.  Brad will explain and demonstrate how the songs changed and progressed along the way, as they were edited, remixed and restructured for various dance mixes, short films and live tours.   

Discover Michael's vision and exacting standards for the sound and video systems at Neverland Valley Ranch - including his dance studio and personal listening systems - to give his family and guests an incredible experience. 

All of this takes place inside an actual recording studio, for a full multi-sensory experience that will leave you feeling as if you were really there.  Each seminar is limited to an intimate group of people, so you can ask questions and share conversation with Brad and other guests.

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"One of my favorite parts of presenting this seminar is sharing what it was like when Michael wrote a song. I can't do it justice in words, so I need to take you there, and let you sit in the studio with me, and hear for yourself."  

- Brad


+  Seminars are normally 6 hours long, either in the morning or afternoon.

+  Some events include an extended admission VIP option.


For the ultimate experience, choose the Orlando, Florida seminar

+  All of the sound you hear will be played through the actual speakers used during production of the Dangerous and HIStory albums.

+  Enjoy a casual "Family Friday" dinner, a studio tradition started by Michael, featuring one of his favorite menus.

+  View some of Brad's privately held memorabilia, including song lyrics handwritten by Michael.

+   Round out your trip with a movie viewing of Captain EO starring Michael Jackson, playing exclusively at Disney parks. The Orlando seminar is conveniently located close to the Disney World EPCOT Center (arrangements on your own).


Absolutely no recording of any kind is permitted.

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